It is our desire to continue to be your “one-stop-print-shop”, offering the full range of printing services from your business stationery right through to the signage of your vehicles and buildings. Because we want to be YOUR PRINTING DEPARTMENT it is our intention to apply our skills and services in the interests of your organisation both in quality and financially. To do this you are invited to at any time discuss with ourselves your planned projects. It is our duty to assist you to realise your objective within your budget. Make your problem our problem!

Because we are a Mission organisation our costing is extremely competitive and proceeds generated are used to further our Mission interests. Some of these include the support of workers in the field, printing of literature for missions and providing a facility available to service Mission work.

Rather than begging for funds, we have provided a service to the public in order to generate the needed support for our Mission Vision. Our purpose reaches the sky going beyond a financial objective to rather be enabled to meet the personal needs of needy people. Our organisation is dedicated to the service of the Almighty God.